Tent Of Meeting XVII

He will not hide Himself in pieces. He desires a full revelation of Himself to His sons and daughters. We have the fullness of God available to us this is huge.


Jesus comes in His glory to a clearing. He drops a sword in the middle of it. Gary comes out from the trees and takes hold of the handle, as he does so the handle grows in length.

Now as each of the Caleb Team leader ship leave the ‘safety’ of the treeline and come and take hold of the handle, it grows in length. When we have all laid hold of this, it turns into a cross and the cross pulse light into the surrounding forest. More people come and join.

This ties into the arena of His Glory vision. The appropriate action is to look at Psalm 24. Those who may ascend the Hill of the Lord.

Tent of Meeting XVI

John 14

Jesus commands were the following ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself

Hebrews 8 – the old covenant is obselete

We are filled with the Holy Spirit

Galations 5v14 (romans 10v4, Gal 3v23-25, Eph 2v15)

Jesus is enough


You can Have it all (Spontaneous Song)

You can have it all, my God I surrender I will not hide myself from your Love.

You can have it all my God I surrender. I will not hold myself back from your arms

open my eyes to see you are faithful

open my eyes to see you are good

open my eyes to see your glory

to see your goodness lord and your love for me.

You can have it all, my God I surrender I will not hide myself from your Love.

You can have it all my God I surrender. I will not hold myself back from your arms

You alone are faithful and true


Tent Of Meeting XV


Damn Wall that is about to break, we keep taking off the top bricks just to allieveate enough pressure. What God is wanting is to take away the foundation bricks so that the entire damn wall comes down, and He can come in like a flood to the city, nation, nations.

Psalm 68

We the church want  to mantain the status quo so we give the bare minimum to relieve the pressure.

The base is the core of our belief. when we give God this, and allow Him to shape and mould us, He will come in like a flood.

Tent of Meeting XIV

Ezekiel 37v26

Titus 3v4-8

Restoration of the bride of Christ. He is coming back for a pure and spotless bride (Rev 19v8)

Holiness is how the bride is made pure and spotless

all of this is by His strong Hand by faith. we by His grace can choose holiness and the spirit of God (which is His fullness) dwells in us, and gives us the ability to live for Him

worshipping in Him, through Him and to Him (eph 1v3-14) john 1)

works by grace through faith to His Glory

paved are (5 waves)

psalm 24 / john 4v24

Lead the prophetic musicians to His places.

Tent of Meeting XIII

be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations

Psalm 86

Psalm 20

Ep 3v14-21

Ep 2v19-22

We look to the physical expression when we should look at the spiritual

when you go, the signs and wonders will follow in its wake. THe christian faith is a going faith

knowing I AM and being YOU ARE

Daniel 11v32

Tent of Meeting XII

It’s not about the music, it’s about knowing Him. To stop hiding behind your instrument and to just know Him

to walk in faith is to be obedient

the heavens cannot contain the fullness of God. Yet His fullness dwells in us, When we are filled with the holy spirit.

How can we be the same as we were before. the spirit living in us is all pwerful, all suffiecient, all good. we are dead to sin and alive in Christ.

This should be our new reality. we are able to love as He loves us. We simply reflect the character and nature of Him, that dwells in us. Likewise joy, peace, hope, grace, mercy, insighnt, knowledge. The work is done by Him, surrender is done by us, by grace.

Tent of meeting XI

Bloemfontein Missions Trip 18th to 21st March 2016

God gave us a few prophetic words relating to revival, and God releasing His fire in the nation of South Africa. A lot of the prophetic words that God as given over the last hundred or so have spoken of revival breaking from the tip of Africa, and spreading up Africa and into the rest of the World.

More to come….


Tent of Meeting X

Break the norms Lord Jesus

That the church would walk knowing He is. We delcare that the church would know Him intimately

john 14v28-30

obey the father to display the love of the father


Road Less Travelled

Altar of His Glory (up the stairs)

Lead those who have one heart and one mind (more important to follow God than man)

We need to operate in the Glorious unseen.

Don’t let friendship overrule God given authority

Colossians 3v4

become doers of His Word

Tent of meeting IX

shifts righteousness and justic to the spirit and foundatoion of the nation


davids ‘succes’due to 24-7 prayer and worship


before the call is established he will establish His love in your heart

Malachi 4v4-5


the language we use allows excuse

small keys open big doors

you dont worship towards Him, you worship in Him (psalm 24)

Heaven cannot contain Him (2 chron 2v6, 1 kings 8v27)

Psalm 86

Henk Kleinsmidt Teaching 11/03/2016

Hunger moves God

Revival is someone, not something. It is Jesus and His fullness

all authority has been given to us

where you go I go, what you say I say.

We have access to spiritual places to see God, He is the Yes, He desires us to be the Amen here on earth. To obey Him and do greater things than Him

The fourth watch. Thats the time

Don’t loose your focus now

Don’t be afraid (peter on the water in Matt 14)

Joel 3v9-11

Command me to do something ridiculous

enlarge the desire that God has put in my heart. Its asking God for His vision

Be out of your depth, it accelerates intimacy with Him

Romans 14v23 NASB